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Lesser Known Places In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia mosque
Credit: Pixabay

When talking about Saudi Arabia, the first main thing that pops into our mind are the big metropolitan cities like Jeddah and Riyadh. But apart from these big and famous cities, there are many other beautiful places in Saudi Arabia that are not much known to people. It can be said that these cities are like the hidden gems in the country of Saudi Arabia which needs to be explored. You may come across many such cities or places in Saudi Arabia that you may not have heard of. But these places are actually worth exploring. 

In this article, we are going to talk about a few of the lesser known places in Saudi Arabia that are worth your time. If you are planning your next trip to Saudi Arabia then you should definitely visit the mentioned places. 

List of The Lesser Known Places In Saudi Arabia:
Here is the list of some of the places in Saudi Arabia that are not so popular but yet worth visiting because of their beauty.

1. Duba

Located in the northern Red Sea coast, this small city of Duba is known as the Pearl of the Red Sea. The city is situated in the Tabuk province of the kingdom. The city is situated 300 km from the Egypt, Palestine and Jordan intersection. Dahkan, Kafafah, and Salma are the three valleys that can be explored in Duba. The place is beautiful and is totally worth visiting because of its the mesmerizing charm.

2. Haql Shipwreck Beach

This place is too located in the Tabuk province of the kingdom. The sea can be located 55 km south of the Haql city. The main attraction of the beach is the half-sunken ship right in the middle of the beach. If you decide to pay a visit to the beach, you should know that you will have the whole beach to yourself as it doesn’t have any visitors. The place is mostly abandoned. The place, however, has an unusual charm about itself.

3. Fifa Mountains

Fifa Mountains which is also known as the heavens of the earth is situated in the southernmost region of Jizan. This is actually considered to be a tourist spot in the kingdom however, it has very fewer visitors and is mostly forgotten by the tourists. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the fertile, green flora and the landscapes out here. Therefore, it can be said that a trip to the Fifa Mountains can be a good choice for you for a change. You can also explore the ancient structures and fortresses in the area along with the scenic beauty of the mountains. These structures were actually erected to protect the area from the hands of the invaders back in the time.

So these are some of the places that are not known by many people. The places mentioned may be forgotten by visitors but they still have a charm of their own and is totally worth a visit. At present, Saudi Arabian airlines have developed a lot and they are offering great deals to their customers on an all-around journey. 

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