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Explore Dubai’s Unique Museum of the Future

Known as the land of luxury, the city of Dubai has a style all of its own. Besides the regular sightseeing spots, the city boasts of many stunning architectural wonders, like the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The city also has a large number of museums and galleries unveiling culture and art from ancient times of Dubai. And soon will have the ‘Museum of the Future’.

The Museum of the Future is being built as a unique initiative to explore the future of science, technology and also innovation. It has recently been opened to the public for the first time as a preview, and is all set to increase the tourist value of the Dubai city, with its official grand opening likely to be in the year 2019!

The motto of the museum is aptly named ‘See the future, create the future’, as it is set to allow guests to view and interact with a variety of displays featuring existing cutting-edge technology and scientific ideas. It is believed that the Museum of the Future in Dubai will bring light to the future of robotics, artificial intelligence and technology in daily lives. Besides the displays, the museum is also set to have a variety of workshops on future technologies. It is a very interesting concept and will rightly serve as a platform for scientists, innovators and creators to share their knowledge and expertise on issues like social and economic aspects as a collective towards a common future goal; helping mankind.

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Wow...It's really amazing. I have been in Dubai for 2 times and every time I get to know more about Dubai new inventions and places...Now am ready to visit for Musem of the future but need to wait till 2019... However, am gonna visit in next month. Most of my tour plans and ticket bookings always go with Tajawal
Fakhar Shan
Its great establishment, really great to know this news about Dubai unique museum. Expectations are high. As its grand opening in 2019..I can't wait for :P however in this summer i gonna visit Dubai. and most of people think its tough to visit Dubai as high costs
Shahraban Abdullah
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Hi, the article is very good and very informative about travelling and to know more about emirates group plan for growth of company

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