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How to be socially correct in Dubai

dubai, islam, tourism
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Dubai is an ultra-modern city with all the luxuries in the world but on the other hand, it follows strict Muslim laws. Tourists can enjoy all the things that Dubai has to offer, by understanding and following some codes of ethics and conducts.

How to dress?

While dressing up in Dubai just keep in mind a few things- properly cover up your shoulders, cleavage and legs up to the knees and possibly avoid tight or sheer clothing. You can wear bikinis on the beach, but not the G-string kind and they are restricted only at the private beach. While in bars or most hotels you can dress as per your wish, just try to keep a wrap or a stole handy in case of need.

Keep your affections to yourself

You can get in serious trouble if you try to engage in activities such as hugging, kissing or fondling even if it is your husband, such activities are considered as an offence.


Swearing in Dubai can cause more trouble than you can imagine, whatever happens, just be cool. You also need to watch out what you post on social media also, as the people can easily take offence and complain.

Get intoxicated

Getting drunk in public is illegal in Dubai and can lead to hefty fines, imprisonment or even deportation. Also, keep your alcohol license with you even if you are drinking in hotels.


Tourist photography is accepted but better not click pictures of the local Women in Dubai. You can click snaps of local men by taking permission from them in advance.

Illegal in Dubai

Things considered illegal in Dubai are possession of drugs and narcotics, sex outside of marriage, cohabitation, a baby out of wedlock, homosexuality and adultery.

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