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Education in Dubai

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Credit: Pexels
Seeking education is one of the prime needs if one wishes to compete globally. No matter you open your eyes in a developed country or a developing nation, a desert or a country blessed with natures blessings, earning for bread & butter is a natural aspect which could be achieved satisfactorily only if one gets at least the basic primary education.
Being one of the tourist destinations, Dubai also caters to this need by means of various government & privately managed organizations and universities of national & international repute that are running successfully for this purpose. The only area of concern comes into picture when the situations and circumstances are to be dealt differently by both the locals as well as the foreign nationals who reside in the city either for a business purpose or for a short tenure on transfers or for seeking higher education.

Dubai promises itself to be a knowledge-based economy where organizations and education-related establishments like the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, Knowledge Village, Dubai Academic City, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre, London Business School, Michigan State University, University of Strathclyde, Manchester Business School, Warwick Business School, Duke's Fuqua School of Business, Cass Business School, Hamdan bin Mohammed e-University, Dubai School of Government, Tamkeen centre for the Visually impaired, The National Institute for Vocational Education, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, The Emirates Academy for Hospitality Management, Dubai International Academic City, e-TQM college, etc. could be availed to its full utility to benefit as per ones requirement.

For this, thorough research needs to be carried out amongst the local bodies so as to get acquainted with the terms and conditions that are applied herein to avoid last moment embarrassment and misleading as well. Dubai government extends its full-length support in this case which is a very appreciative thing and can be exploited for self-benefit and in turn for the nation's progress. A symbiotic association I will say :) ...


Cathy Rodriguez
Education in Dubai and the UAE have already come into maturity. Some Best Universities offer a wide range of programs to choose from.

Thanks for shearing

Hamza Asadur
There are a lot of very good institutes and education centres in dubai offering professional education for those who wants to grow their careers.
this is just amazing. But online shopping in Dubai is also an amazing thing.
Nice info on education in dubai.
Anu Sam
This is a great post and thank you for the information. Online Distance Learning UAE
There are a lot of very good institutes and education centres in Dubai offering professional education for those who want to grow their career. Great Information. Thank you for sharing this.
It's nice to know that our country is providing high standard education. I would like to add one more university along with this list, the University of Wollongong in Dubai which is a renowned institution of higher education, recognized in the UAE and internationally for its teaching excellence and distinguished research portfolio.
Thanks for sharing the nice article. Please add some info. about Networking also.
Rahul Sharma
Nice blogs.Thank you for sharing this informative articles.
Ailsa lena
Thanks for your support and Happy Blogging.
Humayun Kabir
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Barato Travels
Thanks for sharing valuable information with us. Education in Dubai covers the levels of primary, secondary and collegiate education. The school system in Dubai is not different from the education system in the United Arab Emirates. There are many public and private schools catering to Emiratis and expatriates. The Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates is responsible for the accreditation of schools.
Samuel Carter
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Samuel Carter
I'm glad you read this great post. Your information based on this informative post helped me a lot. I hope we get more such a new post in the future .
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