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Dubai Readies For First Ever 'Dubai Water Bash Day'

This year, Dubai tourists will seek out respite from the scorching heat by participating in the  first ever Dubai Water Bash Day on October 27 at Zabeel Park. DEPE has announced the launch of the event as a part of Eid Al Adha extravaganza, which will have Dubai city welcome an extended 16 days of festivities and celebrations.
On October 27, residents and visitors will be treated to a fun-filled day of activities starting with the region’s first ever Water Balloon Bash. In this event, which expects over 10,000 visitors to take part, will have  each Water-Balloon-Basher to pick a side - yellow or blue. Depending on the color he/she chooses, a corresponding T-Shirt in team colours will be handed over. They will also get water filled balloons to throw at their friends and family in a huge, festive water fight.

Other events that are part of the Dubai Water Bash Day include thrilling water-based games, a fun fair, horse riding. There will also be a food area and a stage which will host several, carnival-styled music events.

If you are interested in participating, registration is open through DEPE’s Facebook page,

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