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Dubai Modes of Transport – Rent a car

Car rentals in Dubai
Car rentals in Dubai
Renting a car to browse through Dubai is an economical and efficient way to enjoy a stay in Dubai. There are many Dubai car rental services to choose from with low rates. They require very little paperwork. It offers freedom of choice to discover the city at your own pace.
To drive in Dubai, an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a temporary license is mandatory. It is best to choose car rental companies recommended by the Dubai Airport. Arrangements can be made with most rental companies to deliver a vehicle when you land at the airport. Alternately they can deliver a vehicle at the hotel you are staying.
Most rental companies in Dubai are efficient and reliable. The vehicles available for hire range from luxuriant convertibles to economical and practicable cars.

The road network of Dubai is at par with the world and the roads are fairly easy to manage. Petrol pricing is reasonable. This makes renting a car, a viable option. Driving laws in Dubai are strict. Getting familiar with the driving laws is a must to avoid paying hefty fines. Road names with slight spelling differences can be misleading. This problem occurs due the transliterations from the Arabic language. It may prove difficult to find a landmark due to the construction work going throughout the city. GPS maps are not up to scratch so it is recommended to be armed with a printed copy of the map. Driving during the morning and afternoon peak hours is to be avoided. Be prepared to shell out money for parking spaces. Tolerance level for alcohol is zero and violation of these can result in heavy penalties including jail and deportation.

If driving through the roads of Dubai leaves you feeling intimidated, you can always choose a driver to go along with your hired car.

Along with car rentals you might also want to check out hotels in Dubai, to ensure a smooth and hassle free trip.

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