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Dubai International Airport - Needs some inspiration?

Dubai Airport
Credits-Public Domain/credondo

As a frequent traveler, this is my worst experience with the Dubai International Airport. You are juggling between terminals, toilets, security places and are popped into malls when you are not in the mood to shop.

They have introduced a new Terminal 3, but have forgotten traveler convenience while devising it. You have Zen gardens, large shopping mall et al, but who’s interested when you are mentally disoriented after a long flight!

I had an early morning flight and even at the new terminal was a witness to a long haul of security check ups with passengers cramped up in the security area. After the whole process is over, and your tummy is sending out signals, there are very few places where you can eat and the least number of places to even sit. It’s better you head towards your hotel bathroom rather than queue at the toilets.

There are two LCD screens that should have updated the flight information but think they forgot due to the sweltering heat of Dubai. One screen was off and if you ask at the info desk, you will get to experience plastic, robotic faces that have only certain information fed into them, exactly opposite of what you want.

Under-trained, impolite staff and improper facilities make you feel if this terminal was built to just to enter in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I would certainly recommend Dubai, but would warn about DXB; travel at your own risk.

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