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Dubai Dreams Big With "Water Discus" Hotel

Dubai has once again decided to test the waters of opulence with outrageous designs and extravagant architecture. This time it is a partially submerged discus shaped underwater hotel conceptualized by Deep Ocean Technology. After the Hydropolis failed to take off at the blueprint stage, this is one of the few amazing architectural masterpieces that is finally set to be built.

Building company Drydocks World has signed a contract with Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult to construct underwater hotels across the region, including the "Water Discus Hotel" in Dubai.

The Water Discus Hotel won't be entirely submerged in water as in the Hydropolis. The main hotel disc will be submerged 10 meters below the water where 21 comfortable rooms allow guests the opportunity to relax in the company of fabulously colorful fish, corals and sea horses. Guests can see directly through the huge windows facing the waters of the Persian Gulf, to get a closer look of the underwater world, day in and day out. Furthermore, with an external "explorer" robot the guests will be able to interact with the outside sea creatures and marine life. An underwater dive centre and a bar adds to the luxuriant lifestyle of the guests.

The disc and its adjacent satellites located 5 - 7 meters above the water surface comprise of a restaurant, spa, an exotic garden and a special recreation area. This complex is also home to a multifunctional lobby, an enormous swimming pool, a training pool for divers and seawater swimming pools. The whole structure of discs is strongly supported by three legs and a vertical shaft that holds it together. Underwater activities, diving courses and other watersports amenities gives the guests an unique opportunity of exploring uncharted waters.

Deep Ocean Technology, the braintank behind the idea has said that the hotel will help travellers fulfill their wishes of spending a luxurious holiday in the depths of the ocean. It will also open more avenues for hotel and tourism sector, particularly underwater ecosystems and activities.

Image and Video Credit: Deep Ocean Technology (DOT)

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