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Bastakia - Bur Dubai

Credit: Bastakia
Credit: Bastakia
Bastakia lies in the eastern part of Bur Dubai along the Dubai Creek. Bastakia has a rich history that is evident in its still standing picturesque architecture.
The Bastakia Quater was built in the 19th century to house wealthy Persian merchants. The trade was mainly in pearls and textiles. Due to the tax free trading and access to the Dubai Creek, these Persian merchants were lured to Dubai.

Most of the sleek houses were built in the early 19th century from coral and limestone. This made the buildings in Bastakia more worthy, sturdy and durable.These buildings are more valuable than the huts built from palm fronds. This feature could be the result of the Iranian coastal houses which were built the same way.

Many of these merchant homes featured a wind tower. The wind tower captures the air and funneled it down to the rooms as an early form of air conditioning. The name Bastakia itself is derived from the Iranian town of Bastak.   The Bastakia houses in Bastakia had shady and decorative courtyards.

Bastakia is characterised by narrow lanes and ancient buildings restored to its former splendour. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful heritage sites, conservation areas and distinct Arabian architecture as they try to imagine the life of early residents in Bastakia.

Apart from this, there are many other breathtaking attractions in Dubai to woo every kind of traveler.

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