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The Nu-School Craze of Modern Bingo

Credit: Public Domain

Bingo is a game that is traditionally thought of as being a classic pastime, but it might not seem like the sort of thing that is going to cause a thrilling new craze to drive Dubai wild.

Yet, the arrival of Bongo’s Bingo to the United Arab Emirates earlier this year caused such a sensation that many people now think that it could play a big part in the future of Dubai nightlife. So, what is this modern way of playing bingo and why did it go down a storm here in 2017?

What is Bongo’s Bingo?

Anyone who thinks that there is only one way to play bingo will be forced to think again after giving this approach a try. A night with Bongo’s Bingo involves a lot of the classic elements of a bingo night but with plenty of unique twists to keep party animals happy too.
With spectacular lights shows, dancers, outrageous costumes and confetti, anyone who goes along to a night like this will leave wondering what on Earth they have just witnessed. It is about as far away from a traditional, quiet night at the bingo as is possible.
This unique, modern bingo experience has taken up residence in a number of the UK’s most exciting cities, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. They have also hosted nights in Amsterdam as well as in Dubai.

What Does the Future Hold for Bingo Players?

The word from Bongo’s Bingo is that their futuristic take on the classic game is going to reach further across the globe before too long. The expansion is planned for the Middle East and Asia, which means that we could soon get to see it as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture on the Dubai party scene before too long.

Of course, this style of playing doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, as some people prefer the tried and tested approach of going to a bingo hall that doesn’t have pounding rave music and screaming hosts as part of the appeal.

In addition, the option of going on the internet to play online bingo at William Hill bingo rooms is also as popular as ever. Online wagering has become immensely popular all over the planet in recent times and offers a sensible, modern alternative to going out to play.

More Choice Is Good News for Everyone


Ultimately, the appearance of Bongo’s Bingo on the scene is good news for everyone. When this option is added to the other ways of playing bingo that we have looked at it is clear that there is a way of playing that is right for each different type of player.

In fact, some bingo players might like the variety that comes from going to a bingo party night at one point, playing online at other times and going to a traditional bingo hall or club on other occasions.

What is clearer than anything else is that bingo is here to stay. The way that its appeal has been modernised and enhanced to attract younger players looking for a good time seems likely to ensure that another generation of players loves this game just as much previous generations.  

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Amar Singh
Good advice! I have managed to meet so many people whilst playing Bingo, it’s pretty much a universal way for us Brits to bond, at home or abroad. Love your blog by the way!

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