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Must-Visit Best Gaming Centers in Dubai

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Credit: Unsplash/nicolas perez

If you're a visitor discovering Dubai or a local resident who enjoys gaming, this will definitely grab your interest and make you enthusiastic. Dubai is famous for its luxury and wide variety of entertainment options, including gaming centers that cater to fans with a variety of experiences, from cutting-edge reality escapades to arcade games. If you're seeking gaming spots in Dubai, our selected list is tailor-made for you.

Hub Zero

Dubai houses innovative gaming centers, and one of those is their popular gaming haven, Hub Zero. They offer a variety of arcade games, laser tag, virtual rides, and other high-tech virtual experiences. Whether you simply want to enjoy first-person shooting games, nostalgic classics, engage in intense laser battles with friends or foes, or even sing along with them in their karaoke, Hub Zero is a great destination that caters to gaming enthusiasts of all levels.


This is the ideal gaming center for gamers as they provide options for various preferences, whether you are into PC games, foosball, esports, video games, or even billiards. They are equipped with the latest cutting-edge gadgets and advanced technical facilities, especially in their networking equipment. even hold tournaments, which inspires the other players and keeps the large gaming community of the UAE vibrantly active. It is the perfect gaming environment for gamers whether you prefer grinding your favorite games or competing with your friends in 5v5 matches such as League of Legends; their offerings will surely give you an outstanding and memorable gaming experience.

Games Corner:

If you haven't tried playing PlayStation before or you already have but wanted to play it while you're visiting Dubai, then this console-based (PlayStation) gaming place is perfect for you. With 3D and LED screens and a wide selection of the latest games available, it caters to both avid gamers and those simply curious about console gaming. Games Corner also hosts gaming tournaments and competitions, which is perfect for those who want to hold a competitive gaming experience. They offer a suitable gaming experience that welcomes all people no matter how old you are or where you are from. You can find them at Dubai Mall and other locations mentioned at

Boom Battle Bar

Boom Battle Bar in Dubai is an exhilarating entertainment venue available for ages 21 and over. For a change, unleash your competitive spirit and have a blast in this bar with their wild challenging games. Test your aim and precision with their high-tech Augmented Reality Axe Throwing, or enjoy other thrilling options like Augmented Reality Darts, Splash Pong, Crazier Golf, Shuffleboard, and private Karaoke Booths where you can sing your heart out in their private rooms. Boom Battle Bar was first launched in the UK in 2020 by Elliott Shuttleworth, and now they have brought this adventure bar to Dubai.

Rove Hotel’s Gamer Cave

If you are a gamer who is traveling or planning to visit Dubai, then you would love to check out the Rove Hotel’s Gamer Cave. The hotel is currently the first one to prioritize gaming enthusiasts, as their rooms are equipped with gaming equipment, providing a perfect place for you to play with high-end gadgets and to keep in touch with your favorite games and virtual friends while staying relaxed in your designated comfortable rooms.

The hotel is fully equipped with tech for gamers. However, if you're into esports betting, know that Dubai has strict gambling laws, even on video games, despite its commonality in this digital era. You might find websites that you usually use are restricted, but VPN can bypass this. For example, sites like are designed to help players find the best online casino operators in their region, such as India. And just like with a VPN, you can change the region of the site to check your local one or others like the USA and UK. With a VPN, you may even take advantage of bonuses offered in different countries. Enjoy the site, which provides legal information, security details, and guides to help eager players get started.

VR Park

The VR Park of Dubai Mall is entitled as the largest indoor VR Park of the world. Their futuristic designs and high-tech VR equipment of their entertainment options will make you feel like you time travel in the future. You can have a blast of fun with their over 30 high-tech experiences awaits, from thrilling rides to mind-blowing technology adventures of the mixed virtual reality and augmented reality.

Hub Game Center

Similarly to other gaming centers mentioned above, Hub Gaming Center also offers an array of classic arcade games, racing simulators where you can challenge your friends with realistic driving experiences, basketball shootouts, and virtual reality games (VR) that will make you feel like you’re transported to another dimension. With their diverse gaming options, you'll surely find your preferred games, as Hub Game Center caters to gamers whether you are a casual or competitive enthusiast.

Magic Planet

Magic Planet is a literal haven for gaming enthusiasts. It is worth every penny, as they offer more than just the average gaming experience. With loads of fun activities to choose from, starting from their amusing trampolines to thrilling rides, you can choose your experience to suit your preferences and enjoy it with your family, friends, or even foes.

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