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Migration Centr Support in Migrating From UAE to European Countries

Credit: Pexels/Gustavo Fring

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Expats in Dubai, UAE, often consider migrating to European countries or some Caribbean islands after a few years of work experience. Let's explore why.

Europe offers diverse career opportunities and a better work-life balance. Clearer pathways to residency and citizenship provide long-term stability, and top educational institutions benefit children. The higher quality of life, healthcare, and public services are also appealing. Europe's welcoming multicultural environment, strong worker protections, and job security surpass those in the UAE. Additionally, Europe's focus on sustainability and social welfare programs adds to its attractiveness.

Caribbean islands offer a relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and a pleasant climate. Attractive investment opportunities in real estate and tourism, often tied to citizenship or residency programs, draw many expatriates. Citizenship by investment programs provides a second passport and greater global mobility. The lower cost of living, favourable tax regimes, and vibrant, laid-back culture also appeal to many. Additionally, the tourism and hospitality industry offers various job opportunities.

Whether you're migrating from the UAE to European countries or Caribbean islands, it's crucial to have a reliable company to guide you through the necessary formalities. Numerous websites offer this service, one of which is Migration Centr - an immigration company dedicated to providing legal assistance in obtaining citizenship of various countries. As described on the official website, it offers professional counselling and support throughout the entire process of acquiring a passport. aims to provide quality services and to meet the requirements of each client in cooperation. Reviews about this organisation are regularly published on many thematic sites that evaluate companies. This means that many people use its services.

Migration Centr offices are located at two addresses:

  • Dolenjska cesta 131, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • Turnu Magurele 270D, of. 21, Bucharest, Romania.

Services and reviews of the company

On the website it is specified that the company offers assistance in 12 different countries, 10 of which are European. Here is the list:

  • Romania;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Estonia;
  • Hungary;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Slovenia;
  • Dominican Republic;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia.

According to Migration Centr reviews, the most popular immigration programs are Romanian and Slovenian. These allow migrants to acquire EU citizenship within 8 months, as outlined on the official site. In addition, customers are not required to pass language, culture and other tests when immigrating to those states with the help of this organization’s experts.

Migration Centr lawyers, as stated in reviews, support clients in meeting the legal requirements for immigration. They work towards simplifying the application process by minimizing the client's involvement in the procedures. According to reviews, this approach is particularly suitable for busy people and those who do not have an extensive understanding of the bureaucratic formalities of immigration.

Process of getting legal support at

Migration Centr support can be requested by submitting an application on the website or by calling the phone number provided there. According to customer reviews, after sending a filled-in contact form, it takes up to one day to get in touch with the manager, depending on the time of sending.

When communicating with the Migration Centr representative, you can arrange the time and date of the free consultation, as well as its format. There are texting and speaking options, i.e. messengers and phone calls. According to reviews, many people find it preferable to receive consultations in a remote format.

The subsequent cooperation with Migration Centr is structured below:

  1. Analysis of the situation, concluding immigration plan;
  2. Preparation of the dossier for the citizenship application;
  3. Arrival at the immigration department with the accompaniment of a personal lawyer;
  4. Waiting to obtain citizenship status;
  5. Taking the oath of allegiance;
  6. Registering of passport with expert's help.

Main features of Migration Centr highlighted in reviews

Reviews of Migration Centr highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of working with this company. Judging by the opinions on the Internet, its support has several nuances in terms of customer service. Here are some of the negative points described in reviews:

  • Experts do not work twenty-four hours a day. They assist until the evening. Later, they cannot be contacted, as highlighted in reviews.
  • Offices of Migration Centr are located in Europe only. Many customers express in reviews their wish to have an office of this organization in their city or country, and their dissatisfaction with its absence.
  • Family repatriation services are not available. Spouses are accompanied separately and apply for citizenship independently.

The advantages of cooperating with Migration Centr are described more often in reviews than the disadvantages. Here is a list of the most significant ones:

  • Free assistance with acquiring citizenship for children up to the age of 14;
  • The cost of legal support is fixed;
  • Almost all services are provided remotely;
  • Cooperation with Migration Centr is regulated by a mutual agreement;
  • Experts only work according to official immigration programs;
  • Security of personal data is strictly maintained;
  • High speed of service provision.


Migration Centr is an active participant in the market of migration services, which can be seen from a large number of reviews. Any individual who wants to apply for citizenship and is not concerned about the disadvantages of cooperation mentioned in the article can benefit from its legal support.

There are many positive aspects of working with specialists. People in reviews describe getting positive personal experiences when cooperating with it. The company's assistance is reliable, the provision of services is regulated by agreement, and remote support can save a lot of time during relocation. Migration Centr has room for professional growth, but its legal help, based on reviews, can be assessed positively.

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