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Fell Out of Love with Your Tattoo? There are Ways to Help!

Laser tattoo
Credit: Pixabay

Tattoos are a common occurrence nowadays: it’s one of the ways people express themselves. Something that once was rare has become mainstream. That being said, many owners regret the decision with time and the reasons are numerous.

Some people just stop liking the image they had chosen because very often the idea to visit a tattoo parlour is spontaneous and is sometimes fueled with the buzz of partying. For others, it might have been a grand gesture to declare their love which is no longer there, or realization that the words they held close to heart were misspelt, or the beautiful hieroglyphs have a completely different meaning to what they thought. 

Sometimes people are forced to erase these images because of a new career path where being tattooed is unacceptable.
Also, let’s not forget the ageing factor and some skin conditions which deform the layout of the image. Although very often tattoos just fade out or change irrevocably because of the poor craftsmanship. 

Whatever the reason is, many people find themselves in the need to remove tattoos completely and move on with their lives.

Tattoo removal
Credit: Elite Style Polyclinic

Tattoo removal tools available

Tattoos can be removed using different methods (surgically, by mechanical or chemical peeling, cryosurgery, electrocoagulation, by applying tattoo removal creams, etc), but these solutions can be painful, inefficient or worst of all, leave unwanted scars since the images are removed alongside with parts of the skin. 

Laser as a SuperTool

Laser is one of the latest and safest developments in aesthetic medicine and an effective method for tattoo removal. It penetrates the skin and targets the particles of ink, breaks them down to be later flushed out of the body by a person’s immune system. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the consultant will establish the number of treatments required which will gradually make the pattern fade away completely. Also because the procedure is safe and comfortable, permanent makeup such as tattooed eyebrows can also be efficiently treated.   

Where to go?

If you ever find yourself in the need of such services, remember to go to a specialized establishment like this place for laser tattoo removal in Dubai. The laser technology has proven itself to be great news for everyone who wants to un-make a mistake from the past and stop being burdened with something they do not enjoy anymore. 


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I'm glad to hear that there are now effective and safe methods for removing uunwanted tattoos. I'm excited to finally be able to say goodbye to my unwanted tattoo. Thanks for writing this blog post!

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