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3 Reasons Why The Orthopedic Mattress Market Is Expected To Grow Rapidly


Good sleep is now well recognized as a crucial component of our health. Lack of proper sleep may lead to depression, poor focus, high blood pressure, and even chronic heart disease. It may also cause human errors at work and significantly bring down the productivity of a person. The role of a mattress in ensuring peaceful sleep cannot be emphasized enough. When we sleep, the weight of our body should be well-distributed across the frame, and there should be no pressure points pressing against our pressure-sensitive parts. An excellent orthopedic mattress will ensure all these and enhance the quality of sleep considerably.

With the rising consciousness about the importance of good sleep and rapid changes in favor of sedentary lifestyles worldwide, more people are lining up to buy specialized, feature-rich mattresses like orthopedic mattresses. Here are three reasons why the market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years:

Rapid urbanization and the rise in income levels

The recent economic climate suggests a general increase in the disposable household incomes of consumers. This enables them to invest more in better quality household essentials, including a mattress. People have started to see it as a long-lasting investment that will allow them to save up on medical bills. The increased incomes combined with the rapid pace of urbanization in world cities is a beneficial factor for the boom. Besides the residential customers who account for the major share in demand, urbanization also increases requirements for good mattresses from the hospitality industry. Every new hotel requires hundreds of beds and mattresses, and this industry appears to be thriving, owing to speedy growth in the construction, real estate, and tourism and hospitality sectors.

Increasing health consciousness

In the last few decades, a visible shift in the preferences of consumers can be seen. Earlier, people used to look for mattresses that were comfortable and cheap, but now, there seems to be increased focus on more nuanced features and functionalities that the mattresses offer. Buyers are interested in differentiated support, correct posture, and overall comfort level to aid sleep quality. This can be seen as a direct consequence of heightened awareness about the significance of sleep in daily life. Books that advocate for longer and better sleep cycles have made the bestsellers list, resulting in people wanting to spend more on high-quality, feature-rich, and environment-friendly mattresses.

Lifestyle changes

The past year of the pandemic has witnessed a structural transformation in all sectors. There is a heightened focus on work-from-homes, which has caused long hours of inactive behavior and lousy posture. Due to the resulting increase in the incidence of back pains and joint pains, more and more doctors prescribe good quality orthopedic mattresses as a preventative and corrective measure. The sedentary lifestyle is anticipated to continue for a long time even after the pandemic goes away.

These favorable conditions suggest that the demand for specialized mattresses, including orthopedic mattresses, will continue growing steadily in the coming years. Getting a good night's sleep is essential for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. To that end, the right equipment is the most vital ingredient for uninterrupted sleep.

The market for orthopedic mattresses in Dubai has been witnessing a steady growth. Magniflex is the leading manufacturer of sleep accessories, and high-quality mattresses in Dubai. Browse through our extensive collection for mattresses that have been designed to ensure maximum comfort.

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Candy Moore
hello, I found your topic regarding orthopedic mattress and it does not only regards the back pains and comfortability, it is also made for a good quality sleep. thanks a lot

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