Hydropolis – A dream or Reality?

Underwater hotel Hydropolis

There has  been a lot of hype and speculation surrounding ‘Hydropolis’ a luxury underwater resort to be built in Dubai. The inspiration for this hotel came from a novel by Jules Verne.

The hotel was to be built in Germany and assembled in Dubai. However, this plan seems to be jinxed from its inception. There have been a lot of delays due to the estimated cost; the affect on the marine environment and the economic crisis. The Hydropolis will be a grand addition to the existing hotels in Dubai, if ever built.

Joachim Hauser is the architect behind the hotel Hydropolis. The Hydropolis design has three main structures, the land station and the tunnel which will lead the guests to the main hotel. A retractable roof will enable the guests to enjoy open air events while appreciating the Dubai skyline. The hotel will have its own missile defence system to avoid being a vulnerable target.

This is the brainchild of the crescent developers – Hydropolis. Their vision is to construct a chain of luxury underwater hotels, in Qingdao (China), Oman, Monaco and Dubai. It has not been realised on any of these locations yet. While the website of the developers is under construction, there have been no concrete statements regarding its construction and opening.

Dubai’s penchant for the exotic and grandiose is well known. Considering this Dubai seems the ideal location for the Hydropolis to realise its dream. This could turn out to be a major boost for Dubai tourism. The design and animated videos of Hydropolis are all over the web, but whether this will remain a dream or manifest itself, is not known.

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