Ramadan Etiquette

Ramadan Collage

Ramadan is the holy ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims observe fast from sunrise to sunset. Food is consumed only before sunrise and during the fast-breaking meal known as Iftar, usually with a big meal with friends and family or at Iftar tents. While fasting, Muslims abstain from food, drink, smoking and sexual relations. Regarded as the Five Pillars of Islam, fasting during Ramadan also means increased praying and recitation of Quran.  Since, it is an intensely spiritual and sacred period; Non-Muslims are expected to respect the sentiments of fasting Muslims and maintain the sanctity of Ramadan. Continue reading

Ramadan Majlis 2014

pic_yellowlanternThe ninth holy month of Ramadan is a spiritual period for fasting Muslims. Throughout the day, they abstain from worldly pleasures like food, drinks, smoking and sexual relations. They consume food only before sunrise (Suhoor) and at the time of sunset with a tasty & healthy Iftar meal. An Iftar meal is often consumed as a community at big Iftar tents since Ramadan is the time for people to come together and get to know each other. Continue reading

Ramadan Night Market 2014

Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for people of different nationalities to intermingle and celebrate the spirit of the holy fasting month. In a bid to the explore the cultural heritage of this cosmopolitan city, Dubai government invite a number of retailers from across the world to showcase their diverse variety of goods and catch up on the spending fervour during the Ramadan period and before Eid.

Ramadan Night Market

The Ramadan Night Market has always been an important opportunity for retailers to significantly attract customers and make the most of the huge demand. Shoppers can find almost anything at the exhibition including electronics, furniture, clothes, perfumes, spices and many more! Continue reading

Arabian Travel Market 2014


Dubai is one of the most sought after destinations in the world when it comes to travel & tourism. The place is a plethora of intermingled cultures and communities, clear at various events and activities. The Arabian Travel Market, a universally recognized travel and tourism affair is one such event, which positively mirrors the cultural ethos of Dubai. Continue reading