Ramadan Etiquette

Ramadan Collage

Ramadan is the holy ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims observe fast from sunrise to sunset. Food is consumed only before sunrise and during the fast-breaking meal known as Iftar, usually with a big meal with friends and family or at Iftar tents. While fasting, Muslims abstain from food, drink, smoking and sexual relations. Regarded as the Five Pillars of Islam, fasting during Ramadan also means increased praying and recitation of Quran.  Since, it is an intensely spiritual and sacred period; Non-Muslims are expected to respect the sentiments of fasting Muslims and maintain the sanctity of Ramadan. Continue reading Ramadan Etiquette

Ramadan 2015: 5 Best Iftars in Dubai

From classic Arabian dishes to contemporary takes on Middle Eastern cuisine, the restaurants in Dubai are serving special Ramadan menus after the sun goes down.  We round up the best 5 places to break your fast.

Cle Dubai, DIFC

Credit: Cle-Dubai
Credit: Cle-Dubai

Cle Dubai’s first Ramadan will be hosted by celebrity chef Greg Malouf and the Iftar spread is all the recognised authority’s take on Middle Eastern cuisine. The three-course has signature dishes such as Malouf’s Mezza – lamb kibbeh cooked in a pan, Scottish salmon & Gulf prawn baked with couscous & preserved lime and watermelon, strawberries & pistachio Halawa. Don’t miss out on Cle’s Ouzi – marinated & roasted baby lamb & nut rice and Baklava family selection!

Dh180, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. À la carte suhoor available until 11:30 pm. Continue reading Ramadan 2015: 5 Best Iftars in Dubai

Dubai’s Night-time Activities

Dubai is not just sand, skyscrapers, culture, and fine food! When the sun sets, a myriad of activities emerge. From shop therapy to scuba, don’t miss out on these late-night events.

Credit: RWAQ The Walk at JBR
Credit: RWAQ The Walk at JBR

Start off with a leisurely walk along JBR’s The Walk. Entrance is free. There are restaurants, retail shops, art exhibits, and the perfect night sky as backdrop. Continue reading Dubai’s Night-time Activities

Daytime Dining in Dubai over Ramadan

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drink during daylight hours. But if you are not fasting, where can you find those numerous restaurants that are considerately and tastefully open to non-Muslims throughout Dubai? Here are top 5 restaurants that are open during daylight hours this year. Continue reading Daytime Dining in Dubai over Ramadan

5 Best Dubai Hotel Restaurants

Credit: Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Credit: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Architectural designs that marry natural and cultural diversities are evident in these Dubai hotels and their restaurants. Add the everlong beaches that deliver pure sand and bliss to visitors. These lavish hotels take the lead on commanding pleasure with inspiration, and gastronomic magic, all presented with a backdrop looking straight out of royal requirement. Continue reading 5 Best Dubai Hotel Restaurants

The Best of Souq Shopping in Dubai

Creative Commons/McKay Savage
Creative Commons/McKay Savage

Lively, colourful and a place of frenetic activity, Dubai’s souqs are something of a contrast to the sleek, sparkling, scrupulously clean shopping malls. The souqs are nothing reminiscent of the spaciousness and originality of the 18th-century traditional bazaars, but they are still full of character and one of the best for good-natured bargaining. If you want to impress at the artful skill of bargaining, make sure to start at half of what the shop owner has quoted and pay around 75 percent of the original price. However, modern souqs such as Souq Al-Bahar are less likely to fall for your bargaining tactics due to expensive overheads. Continue reading The Best of Souq Shopping in Dubai

Dubai International Airport 101

Creative Commons/ Flickr: 茶壺 周
Creative Commons/ Flickr: 茶壺 周

First impressions are gold, and Dubai International Airport take this to heart. Expect a warm welcome and global-friendly facilities from the moment you step on the building, to the time you leave its premises.
Continue reading Dubai International Airport 101

Ferrari World Day Trip from Dubai

Credit: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Car fanatics, start your roaring engines! Grab that wheel and get to experience wild adrenalin rush, gut-churning rides, and 100% fun, carefree day at the Ferrari World theme park in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Continue reading Ferrari World Day Trip from Dubai

Planning Your Off-Season Trip Carefully

Dubai Night Skyline

Weather check: If you’re travelling in the off season make sure to check the weather – the main reason behind cheap hotel rates and airline fares. In warm weather countries like UAE, the off-season take place during summer months, while in colder climates, lower prices come into effect during the winter. Continue reading Planning Your Off-Season Trip Carefully

Summer Vacation in Dubai

Summertime in Dubai is never a boring experience. You might feel that the scorching sun will force you to stay inside, but it’s simply a far-fetched theory. In fact, it is a breathtaking music, dance, and theatrical experience; it’s an exciting journey of surprises! Continue reading Summer Vacation in Dubai