Fashion Forward (FFWD) Season 3

Fashion Forward Season 2 Highlights from Fashion Forward on Vimeo.

Dubai and opulence are synonymous. Extravagant architectures, lavish residences, man-made islands – you name it and Dubai has it ready in a jiffy. Now the emirate is on its way to capture the multi-million dollar glamour economy, which until now was within the sole reach of European, American and Japanese markets. Continue reading

Dubai Pulse Takes a New Step toward a Better Lifestyle

Dubai Pulse

These are times when regular active lifestyle, exercise and fitness are crucial for well being of people of all ages. Most Dubaities, due to work requirements, have adopted a relatively sedentary lifestyle that is not active enough to provide any health benefits. In fact, it is the main culprit behind epidemic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and coronary heart ailments. Aware of this burgeoning problem, the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has decided to target 45% of its residents to embrace an active lifestyle by 2015. Continue reading

Emirates Classic Car Festival – Celebrating Beautiful and Exotic Cars

Emirates Classic Car Festival

Emirates Classic Car Festival is just the place where you should be, if you show fascination in classic cars, believing they can never be downgraded to the lowly status. Experience the enthralling world of vintage automobiles at Emirates Classic Car Festival, which is Middle East’s foremost showcase of classic cars. Continue reading