A Trip to Dubai Without e-Cigarettes

Creative Commons/TheNorlo

Creative Commons/TheNorlo

It had now been quite some time that I had managed to quit consuming the delicious poison of tobacco smoke by shifting to the safer option of e-cigarettes. The transition had been easy. In fact, I felt no side effects such as coughing, irritation, sleeplessness or any other symptoms that are usually felt after you quit smoking. I had been glad about my decision as I knew that these e-cigarettes were less injurious to health. I was frequently amazed by the debate that usually raged on between proponents of e-cigarettes and those who supported real cigarettes. At first, I had viewed the option of e-cigarettes with disdain and suspicion. However, as more research came forward, my fears were assuaged and I made the sensible decision of opting for e-cigarettes.

I never knew that there would be a problem. The problem finally came when I left for Dubai on a business trip. The problem was not related to my health. It was after reaching Dubai that I found that e-cigarettes were banned here. I was shocked at the ban. Now there was no way for me to inhale the poison free smokeless nicotine. However, I was happy that I didn’t bring any e-cigarettes along. Otherwise, there would have been repercussions for me.

I came to know about the ban when I asked a friend who had come to receive me on airport to wait and let me buy an e-cigarette. “It’s banned here,” was the reply. I viewed him with disbelief. “How come,” I asked? He said the government thinks it is more dangerous than the real cigarette. As I was thinking about the absurdity of the ban, I remembered what I had read about Dubai before coming here. This was a business city and it thrived primarily on revenue that was generated by sales. My friend added that tobacco industry was a major revenue generator for the government. He even showed me the warning sign on the packet of cigarette that was not effective. The only point that I could deduce out of the conversation was that e-cigarettes were banned because they would reduce the sale of tobacco and in turn affect the revenue being gained by the government. There could not be a second reason. After all, it was a fact that these e-cigarettes were less detrimental to your health and hence were a safer option. This fact had been proven again and again by research conducted by scientists all over the world.

Then why ban e-cigarettes? After I had lunch with a friend, the urge to smoke rose in me. There was no way I could get an e-cigarette. I asked my friend and other people around if I could obtain an e-cigarette. They all replied in the negative. The urge slowly began to rise. I somehow managed to put aide that urge for the time being. I then pursued with my business endeavours. It was evening time when I managed to return to the hotel where I had booked a room. I had dinner there and e-cigarettes were not served. As I began to ponder over what I should do, I decided to have the real cigarettes for the time being after a very long time. I went to a mall and brought a pack of cigarettes. As I lit a cigarette and took the first puff, I choked on the smoke. I could sense it easily that it was full of tar and tobacco. The smell of burning tobacco made me abhor the option. Anyone smoking the cigarette after having used e-cigarettes could sense it easily that it was a dangerous option. With e-cigarettes, the feeling was great. You merely satisfied your craving for nicotine. There was no ash, tar and poisonous smoke. I felt as if I had never smoked the real cigarette ever in my life.

I wondered again about the absurdity of the ban. Why ban a product that reduced the injurious effect to your health. Off course, it was sort of a medication. Many countries had e-cigarettes prescribed as a medication. Then why were things different here in Dubai?

Throughout my stay at Dubai, I had no other option but to use the real cigarettes. It was when I returned back to my country that I brought an e-cigarette. After I puffed the smokeless nicotine, I rejoiced once again at the safer option. I am left wondering as to what will happen if our government concerned by the fall in revenues resorts to the same measure of banning e-cigarettes?

Author Bio:
Steward Hudson is a writer researcher/blogger with experience of writing for multiple industries including education, health and energy. He is currently writing for Lite-Ups.co.uk

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