Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve – Exploring the Desert Landscape

The large scale rural-urban migration of Dubai in the 1960s is mainly the result of oil discoveries. Since then, the city has seen a spiralling economic growth propelling the country to concentrate mainly on fossil fuels for livelihood. The initial cash surge from oil has resulted in Dubai concentrating on building hotels, developing real estate and realising extravagant attractions such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, souks & shopping malls, beaches, parks and sports cities. Continue reading

Taste of Dubai 2015

Taste of Dubai

The Emiratis are coming closer to conquering cuisines when it comes to food. At the Taste of Dubai festival, they have everything covered on the culinary front. As part of the second Dubai Food Festival, the stalls at the Taste of Dubai celebrate craft, diversity and culture of food in different ways. Learn a few kitchen secrets from celebrity chefs, pen new recipes at a cookery class, participate in beverage tastings or simply spend the day relaxing in the VIP lounge with a glass of champagne. Continue reading

Dubai World Cup 2015


World Cup itself expresses all enthralling excitements and galloping movements of action packed entertainment. Whether it is cricket, football, hockey as well as horseracing, people eagerly wait to explore the desired moments of life. It is a gala celebration where cream of the richest meet together to bet a horse of the fortunes. The 2015 Dubai World Cup has been organized to continue the practice of horseracing initiated by Nad Al Sheba.
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Dubai International Boat Show 2015

Dubai International Boat Show 2013

Dubai International Boat Show is back with an extra dose of entertainment. It is the largest, most anticipated event in the Middle East. A very unique and one of its own kind of marine event, the 23rd edition of the show is all set to touch new heights as it is held at the Dubai International Marine Club from 3rd March until 7th March. Continue reading

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 2015


The first of the four annual Grand Slam – Australian Open brought in some expected results as Novak Djokovic continues his success on the courts. So, who’s next? The hunt for the heart pumping, adrenaline rushing, non stop action will continue in Dubai at the Dubai Duty Free Championships, where tennis superstars such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters put in their best to defend their title. The grunts, eye-piercing looks, hard-hitting forehands, and breathtaking rally by the greatest of players will all happen at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium from 15th – 28th February 2015. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience such an event and should not be missed. Continue reading

Cycling in Dubai


Cycling in Dubai is not for the faint hearted, considering the car drivers can be quite negligent or aggressive on the main roads. However, the Roads and Transport Authority is planning to implement 850km of cycle tracks in various phases in the next few years, to encourage tourists and residents to use the cycle as an eco-friendly means of transport. Those who are worried about the traffic, take your family to areas which have been specially built for the purpose. Continue reading

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2015

10850250_10152979079382092_3732408926596606008_nEmirates Airline Festival of Literature showcases the intimacy between the written and spoken word. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Dubai, the LitFest, as it has become known, will bring an amazing cast of over 120 authors, writers and speakers from 25 countries, who will promote the love of reading and writing.
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A Trip to Dubai Without e-Cigarettes

Creative Commons/TheNorlo

Creative Commons/TheNorlo

It had now been quite some time that I had managed to quit consuming the delicious poison of tobacco smoke by shifting to the safer option of e-cigarettes. The transition had been easy. In fact, I felt no side effects such as coughing, irritation, sleeplessness or any other symptoms that are usually felt after you quit smoking. I had been glad about my decision as I knew that these e-cigarettes were less injurious to health. I was frequently amazed by the debate that usually raged on between proponents of e-cigarettes and those who supported real cigarettes. At first, I had viewed the option of e-cigarettes with disdain and suspicion. However, as more research came forward, my fears were assuaged and I made the sensible decision of opting for e-cigarettes.

I never knew that there would be a problem. The problem finally came when I left for Dubai on a business trip. The problem was not related to my health. It was after reaching Dubai that I found that e-cigarettes were banned here. I was shocked at the ban. Now there was no way for me to inhale the poison free smokeless nicotine. However, I was happy that I didn’t bring any e-cigarettes along. Otherwise, there would have been repercussions for me.

I came to know about the ban when I asked a friend who had come to receive me on airport to wait and let me buy an e-cigarette. “It’s banned here,” was the reply. I viewed him with disbelief. “How come,” I asked? He said the government thinks it is more dangerous than the real cigarette. As I was thinking about the absurdity of the ban, I remembered what I had read about Dubai before coming here. This was a business city and it thrived primarily on revenue that was generated by sales. My friend added that tobacco industry was a major revenue generator for the government. He even showed me the warning sign on the packet of cigarette that was not effective. The only point that I could deduce out of the conversation was that e-cigarettes were banned because they would reduce the sale of tobacco and in turn affect the revenue being gained by the government. There could not be a second reason. After all, it was a fact that these e-cigarettes were less detrimental to your health and hence were a safer option. This fact had been proven again and again by research conducted by scientists all over the world.

Then why ban e-cigarettes? After I had lunch with a friend, the urge to smoke rose in me. There was no way I could get an e-cigarette. I asked my friend and other people around if I could obtain an e-cigarette. They all replied in the negative. The urge slowly began to rise. I somehow managed to put aide that urge for the time being. I then pursued with my business endeavours. It was evening time when I managed to return to the hotel where I had booked a room. I had dinner there and e-cigarettes were not served. As I began to ponder over what I should do, I decided to have the real cigarettes for the time being after a very long time. I went to a mall and brought a pack of cigarettes. As I lit a cigarette and took the first puff, I choked on the smoke. I could sense it easily that it was full of tar and tobacco. The smell of burning tobacco made me abhor the option. Anyone smoking the cigarette after having used e-cigarettes could sense it easily that it was a dangerous option. With e-cigarettes, the feeling was great. You merely satisfied your craving for nicotine. There was no ash, tar and poisonous smoke. I felt as if I had never smoked the real cigarette ever in my life.

I wondered again about the absurdity of the ban. Why ban a product that reduced the injurious effect to your health. Off course, it was sort of a medication. Many countries had e-cigarettes prescribed as a medication. Then why were things different here in Dubai?

Throughout my stay at Dubai, I had no other option but to use the real cigarettes. It was when I returned back to my country that I brought an e-cigarette. After I puffed the smokeless nicotine, I rejoiced once again at the safer option. I am left wondering as to what will happen if our government concerned by the fall in revenues resorts to the same measure of banning e-cigarettes?

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