How to spend a layover in Dubai

Dubai international Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world by international passenger traffic, so if you ever find yourself on a Dubai layover for 4 to 12 hours there are plenty of things to do in Dubai during your stopover. Continue reading How to spend a layover in Dubai

Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon 2012


If you truly love running, get motivated to train and run a half marathon organized by the Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders. The beauty of running the most scenic race under the Dubai Creek, with emphasis on crossing the winning line, is going to turn out particularly exciting. Continue reading Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon 2012

Health Tips for Travelers in Dubai

All thanks to the UAE government for carrying out the immunization programs successfully and keeping the country healthy and safe for the tourists and travelers.

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Dubai Cruises

2Dubai is rapidly turning itself into one of the most admired winter cruise destination among the tourists. With a perfect blend of old mosques and newly built shopping malls, innovative architecture and golden dunes of the desert laid, the city has lot of things for the explorers. With the best of the offers provided by most of the tour companies, stopover the night and enjoy beautiful sights of the city along with Arabian hospitality on your trip with any one of the Dubai cruises. A lavish living experience, a quick entry system, visa problems taken care of by tour companies, you just have to sit back, relax and soak in the beauty of Dubai’s horizon. To check prices and book, visit our Dubai cruises page.
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Dubai: Then & Now

dubai_1991Though Dubai’s neighbors are taking different steps at defending themselves from foreign cultures and wars, Dubai deems at ingenuousness and respect for the foreign cultures and believes that this is the only way to remain at peace.As the new Dubai mounts itself up, the old Dubai embraces itself towards fading. Continue reading Dubai: Then & Now

Dubai Family Holidays

Dubai Montage
Dubai Montage

Go on a roller coaster water ride at the Wild Wadi Water Park or make sand castles at Jumeirah beach, Dubai offers much more than it proposes. Luxury hotels in Dubai take care of you and your kid’s minutest needs which include transportation to all the family attractions as well as letting the couple spend the time alone while the young ones are engaged in some fun activities. Continue reading Dubai Family Holidays

Honeymoon in Dubai

honemoon in Dubai

If you are seeking for pleasure and gratification along with some excellent shopping options and tempting delicacies escorted with enjoyable beverages in different bars and nightclubs that allow you to tap your feet on the dance floor for the whole night then Dubai is the best option for your Honeymoon! Continue reading Honeymoon in Dubai

Public Transport in Dubai

Dubai rings a bell when you are looking for an enthralling place to travel. However, it can be very expensive to stay in Dubai especially when you are not so familiar with how you can cut cost while enjoy the city at the same time.One of the things that can eat up your budget is the transportation expenses you will incur when you are in Dubai. To cut down on costs, you must get familiar with the different types of transportation in Dubai as you jump from one place to another.
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