Health Tips for Travelers in Dubai

As a result of government’s provision of adequate clean water in the city and high standards of cleanliness in hotels and restaurants of Dubai, the city was honored as one of two countries with no reported cases of holiday illnesses.

Dubai Tax Haven – Myth or Reality?

Dubai is touted as a tax haven for individuals and corporate firms. But how much of it is really true and is Dubai really zero percent tax free?

The Dubai Mall – Heaven on Earth

One of the world’s biggest malls in Dubai, The Dubai Mall features a wonderful mixture of shopping, dining and entertainment attractions.

Shopping Secrets of Dubai

‘Souk’ the Arabic word meaning local market carries the essence of Arab culture in Dubai. ‘Souk’ is the market or place where goods are brought or exchanged and are sold at bargain bazaars. Everything, right from spices to gold, that carries the soul of the rich Arab Culture in Dubai, is sold in the souks!
Your visit to Dubai comes alive only when you stroll in the souks of Dubai!