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Must Do Activities

Budget Activities to do in Dubai

Dubai. Credit: Flickr / melenama

Dubai is known for being a shopper’s paradise. This city is also known for the glamour and sheer luxury it offers to the tourists, enticing them with various attractions, offers, and tours. Did you also know that you can spend as little as AED15 and still get to enjoy a whole day? Yes! That is correct! We have written down some economic activities that you can do when you are strapped for cash but still want to enjoy this glamour city.

Metro Travel (AED3-AED13)

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro. Credit: Flickr / Stefan Wisselink

Possibly one of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel is by metro, compared to a taxi or Uber. You can easily purchase NOL card (Metro card) which can be used for trams, and also buses. Hop on, and travel the whole day without burning a hole in your pocket.

History Museum (AED3)

Al Fahidi Fort
Al Fahidi Fort. Credit: Creative Commons / Diego Delso

Located on the southern side of the Dubai Creek, the Al Fahidi Fort of Dubai Museum is perfect to visit if you are in Bur Dubai. Over 200 years old, the museum provides a detailed study of the culture, lifestyle and the history of UAE along with its inception. Although you pay for entry, the guided tour is actually free. A bonus!

Abra Ride (AED1)

Abra Ride
Abra Ride. Credit: Creative Commons / Imre Solt

If you are in Bur Dubai, another easy way to cross the creek is to travel by an Abra or boat to Deira. This area of the city is relatively old, and you will find a lot of activity as compared to the Sheikh Zayed Road skyscrapers. Enjoy the clear waters with this simple travel to the other side.

Shawarma Meal (AED8)

Shawarma. Credit: Creative Commons / Peteravivangel

Undoubtedly, roaming around the city will cause you to get hungry. You don’t have to necessarily stop by at nice restaurants to feed your stomach. The local delicacy, a “shawarma”, is a wrap filled with meat. Ordering the sandwich you will receive hummus and some fries. This dish is found in nearly every shop so you don’t have to worry about carrying it with you. It is also super delicious!

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