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Every person dreams of investing in real estate in hope of earning profitable returns. Investors locking funds in properties find it a good determinant of earning capital gains and a higher income source than in their home markets.

If we have a look at the present status of the Dubai Property market, then it is certainly promising as investors are diverting towards UAE from the ongoing political turmoil in the Middle East.

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Top reasons to invest in Dubai Real Estate

  1. Cheap Cost of Property

    Dubai Real Estate is cheap compared to properties in other cities around the world. If we go to compare villa prices in Dubai and London, then Dubai costs nearly 1/5th of what London would. In fact, very few cities in the world boast of such fantastic real estate prices.
  2. Open to foreign investors

    Dubai is open to foreign investors who plan to invest in freehold property in Dubai. Thus, by opening the market to non-UAE nationals, Dubai has leveled its property market to international standards.
  3. Safe Haven for investments

    The current political turmoil in Middle East-Africa has diverted the attention to Dubai and UAE where the property market is expected to fall a further 10% in 2011.
  4. Excellent security against loans

    Real Estate acts as an excellent collateral security against loans and allows securing of finance at best rates.
  5. Stable source of income

    Rental proceeds from Dubai property is stable source of income though it is likely to fluctuate with the market graph. However, it is stable compared to the interest on bank accounts and dividends on stock shares.
  6. No Tax

    Investors enjoy capital gains tax, inheritance tax or income tax relief when investing in Dubai property.
  7. Residence Visa advantage

    Dubai property investors are empowered with a residence visa of the emirate.
  8. Low Crime Rate

    Enjoying all year round sunshine, Dubai has a very low crime rate which is a major boost for property investors.
  9. Stood up to the recession

    UAE stood up to the global financial crisis bravely and was one of the few countries that easily bounced back from the situation. Today, it is a fast growing economy giving tough competition to European and American real estate property markets.
  10. Connects Asia, Europe and USA

    Located in the Gulf region, UAE is strategically connected by sea, air and land to Asia and Oceania on the east, Europe on the North and Americas and the West. provides all the latest news and information on Dubai. Dubai Flights, Dubai Hotels, Dubai Car Rental, Dubai Holidays, Dubai Cruises, Dubai Attractions, Dubai Photos, Dubai Map, Dubai News and more on Dubai, United Arab Emirates.