Dubailand’s Miracle Garden

Dubailand Miracle Garden

No one could have ever thought that flowers like calendulas, petunias and marigolds could flourish in Dubai’s arid desert heat. But, the emirate is a land of spectacles, pursuing the unimaginable – the world tallest’ building, islands floating on water, an inside ski resort with real snow and now a breathtaking garden.

Featuring over 45 million flowers over an 80,000 sq meter site, Dubailand’s Miracle Garden opened its gates to the public on February 14, 2013. Some of the flowers in the garden, such as the black velvet Petunia, were never seen in the UAE but today they have transformed the dull and lifeless desert into a colorful oasis.

To add drama to this inviting garden, developers have played with the landscaping setting. Alongside traditional flowerbeds, the garden features topiary’s with flowers molded into the shape of hearts, igloos and pyramids in over 60 colors. The site developed by landscaping company, Akar, will ensure flowers will change according to the season, so visitors can look forward to a new experience every time.

An interesting angle to this natural flower garden is the effective, responsible use of water. To encourage water-wise gardening, developers are judiciously re-using wastewater through drip irrigation.

The garden is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 am to midnight on weekends and public holidays. It will close in late May to re-open in October.

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Video Credit: Mahmoud Rahhal

Image Credit: Dubailand

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