Dubai Cruise Terminal

Dubai Cruise Terminal at Port Rashid is the main destination for cruise liners from where they either start their journey or use it as their port-of-call.

The terminal opened in 2001 and is spread over an expansive area of 3,300 It is able to handle two ships simultaneously with an added advantage of bringing in larger ships.
Deep basin of the port, minimum bureaucracy, good infrastructure, top-notch cruises lining at the port and professional ground handling has made it increasingly popular among tourists.
Facilities & Services:

  • Extra secure security system
  • Highly competent reception check-in
  • Well-appointed VIP lounges
  • Entertainment centre, cafes and special privileges for handicapped passengers
  • Duty Free shopping
  • Arabian Palm garden
  • Money Exchange counter, Internet cafĂ©, conference facilities and business centre
  • Personal & baggage security screening

Address: PO Box 17000. Dubai United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +971 4 8811110

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