Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2015


Polo often called the ‘sport of the kings’, and the oldest team sport were first probably played by nomadic warriors over two thousand years ago. Even today, the spunk and eagerness to battle it out for the top place is seen in polo players.

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Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 2015


The first of the four annual Grand Slam – Australian Open brought in some expected results as Novak Djokovic continues his success on the courts. So, who’s next? The hunt for the heart pumping, adrenaline rushing, non stop action will continue in Dubai at the Dubai Duty Free Championships, where tennis superstars such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters put in their best to defend their title. The grunts, eye-piercing looks, hard-hitting forehands, and breathtaking rally by the greatest of players will all happen at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium from 15th – 28th February 2015. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience such an event and should not be missed. Continue reading Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 2015

Camel Racing Season in Dubai

Camel Racing

Camel racing is a popular sport in Dubai, holding the audiences interest with an elegant run to the finish line. Once just a domesticated working animal, camels in recent time have gained great honor in the racing kingdom. To watch the fast paced action of camel run, visit Dubai during the Al Marmoum 2013/2014 racing season. Continue reading Camel Racing Season in Dubai

Dubai’s Global Village to Open its Doors in October

Global Village Dubai Collage

The Global Village has finally announced it inaugural dates for exhibitors and visitors from October 5 to March 1, 2014. The popular shopping & cultural extravaganza promises many more novel attractions and surprises this year, with improved participation from Europe and Asia. Continue reading Dubai’s Global Village to Open its Doors in October

Best Bargain Bets in Dubai

Gold Souq in Deira, Dubai

Dubai is not only about towering skyscrapers and glitzy malls where you are happy to put a deep dent in your pockets. Amidst all the glitz and glamour you will find shopping malls, where you can walk away with a great bargain after a good bout of haggling. Continue reading Best Bargain Bets in Dubai

Revolutionary trams in Dubai

The Al Sufouh Tram project was given approval by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This will be the latest development in Dubai’s transport scheme. The project was originally expected to come to fruition by April this year, however, lack of funds has pushed this dream till the year 2014.

The system will not have ugly overhanging electrical wires, but will feed on ground power wiring instead. This will be the first tram in the world to operate in such a fashion. Walking across tracks will be safer for pedestrians as power will be supplied only when the trams are in station.

The route will run from Dubai Marina through Media City ending at the Knowledge Village. Each tram and station will be monitored by close circuit cameras. The start to finish ride on the tram will take about 30 minutes. The second phase of the transport will see the line connecting to the iconic Burj Al Arab and the Mall of the Emirates.

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Dubai Going Green

The other side of Dubai being the most luxurious city is that, it also is one of those highest per capita electricity consumer in world.

Dubai_street (Creative Commons/Shahram Sharif)

Being aware of this, the ultra-modern world city displays its concern about minimizing the consumption of conventional energy, by focusing on measures such as switching to renewable energy. Trying to ride the “become green” wave, Dubai is poised to go green. The green areas in the city will increase, says Dubai government. Parks in the city will be soon provided with lights that run on solar power.
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Easter in Dubai

A yearly Christian fiesta Easter is celebrated throughout the world with great zeal and passion. Christian mythology depicts the story of Easter to the times of Jesus when he resurrected from the dead. The festival is a favorite among the kids as they get to enjoy their much-loved activity of painting the eggs. Even in Dubai, there is a multitude of entertainment arranged by shopping malls and hotels to celebrate this grand festival. The Easter Holidays provide the perfect holiday break from the daily routine of work. Continue reading Easter in Dubai

Dubai apartments – best choice?

Jormand Hotel Apartment
Jormand Hotel Apartment

Dubai apartments are a new concept of offering budget accommodations without compromising with the visitors’ luxury. In recent times, many tourists have shifted their choice from costlier hotels to cheaper apartments.

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