Revolutionary trams in Dubai

The Al Sufouh Tram project was given approval by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This will be the latest development in Dubai’s transport scheme. The project was originally expected to come to fruition by April this year, however, lack of funds has pushed this dream till the year 2014.

The system will not have ugly overhanging electrical wires, but will feed on ground power wiring instead. This will be the first tram in the world to operate in such a fashion. Walking across tracks will be safer for pedestrians as power will be supplied only when the trams are in station.

The route will run from Dubai Marina through Media City ending at the Knowledge Village. Each tram and station will be monitored by close circuit cameras. The start to finish ride on the tram will take about 30 minutes. The second phase of the transport will see the line connecting to the iconic Burj Al Arab and the Mall of the Emirates.

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Dubai Going Green

The other side of Dubai being the most luxurious city is that, it also is one of those highest per capita electricity consumer in world.

Dubai_street (Creative Commons/Shahram Sharif)

Being aware of this, the ultra-modern world city displays its concern about minimizing the consumption of conventional energy, by focusing on measures such as switching to renewable energy. Trying to ride the “become green” wave, Dubai is poised to go green. The green areas in the city will increase, says Dubai government. Parks in the city will be soon provided with lights that run on solar power.
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Easter in Dubai

A yearly Christian fiesta Easter is celebrated throughout the world with great zeal and passion. Christian mythology depicts the story of Easter to the times of Jesus when he resurrected from the dead. The festival is a favorite among the kids as they get to enjoy their much-loved activity of painting the eggs. Even in Dubai, there is a multitude of entertainment arranged by shopping malls and hotels to celebrate this grand festival. The Easter Holidays provide the perfect holiday break from the daily routine of work. Continue reading Easter in Dubai

Dubai apartments – best choice?

Jormand Hotel Apartment
Jormand Hotel Apartment

Dubai apartments are a new concept of offering budget accommodations without compromising with the visitors’ luxury. In recent times, many tourists have shifted their choice from costlier hotels to cheaper apartments.

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Traditional Clothing in UAE

Dishdasha (Creative Commons / Mary Paulose)
Dishdasha (Creative Commons / Mary Paulose)

There is always a big question mark whenever the topic of traditional clothing in the United Arab Emirates crops up. Other than Islam followers, not many are aware of the Arabic style of clothing typical to Muslim culture. With the exception of Dubai, remaining Emirates in the UAE are conservative in regards to their style of dressing and to a certain extent strictly adopt what modesty in Islamic text offers. Continue reading Traditional Clothing in UAE

Ramadan in Dubai for Non-Muslims

Some of More than2,000 Muslims of different nationalities break their fast with Iftar, the Ramadan evening meal for free at the Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAE president's Ramadan tent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)
Some of More than2,000 Muslims of different nationalities break their fast with Iftar, the Ramadan evening meal for free at the Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAE president’s Ramadan tent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

The religious month of Ramadan is marked by fasting and prayer and holds great importance for Islam followers. During this month Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, sex and other vices from sunrise to sunset to achieve higher levels of patience, spirituality and humility. Continue reading Ramadan in Dubai for Non-Muslims

Spring for kids in dubai

kids-in-pool4-1Spring time has arrived, and parents are preparing for some fun filled half-term holidays for their kids.  Dubai, as every year, has organized some very special events and provided numerous facilities to keep children entertained.  There is lots of sport academies, in which parents can even get their kids involved with some educational and constructive activities. Continue reading Spring for kids in dubai

Dubai: Fast becoming a Global City

View of Dubai Skyline
View of Dubai Skyline

On Friday Dubai Media  Office issued a statement that  four large development groups: Emaar Properties PJSC, Dubai Properties LLC, Sama Dubai LLC and Tatweer LLC have started merger talks aimed at facing up to the current challenges and also to transform Dubai into a Global city. The big four collectively hold  one of the largest land banks in  Dubai.

Dubai  Government investment arm Dubai Holdings  controls  Sama Dubai and Tatweer;  Dubai Government has a share of 32.5 of Emaar properties which is completing  Burg Dubai the World’s tallest Tower.

Emaar properties is been advised by Royal Bank of Scotland while Dubai Holdings is been represented by Merrill  Lynch International.

In  a  communiqué released  ;  discussions are being held with the relevant regulatory authorities , assessment of merits in relation to the proposed merger, valuation of the various entities and structures of the transactions.

Mohammad Al Gergawi, chairman of Dubai Holdings, said “Consolidating these three companies with Emaar is a natural progression in the evolution of the Dubai real estate landscape, providing benefits to all stakeholders. By joining forces, we will give the larger combined entity an unparalleled platform to optimise opportunities in its domestic and international markets. The combined entity has a clear and concise strategy, better positioning Dubai as a world-leading hub in real estate development and management”.

Mohammad Ali Al Abbar, chairman of  Emaar, said, “We believe that there could be exceptional synergies between Emaar and Dubai Holdings’ key real estate businesses. These comprehensive discussions are driven by a shared vision regarding the consolidation of our respective visible success stories to date and the creation of a world-class group which would be ideally positioned to dynamically help shape and support the ongoing development of Dubai as a world-leading hub. We look forward to working with Dubai Holdings with a view to completing these discussions soon and ensuring value accretion to our existing shareholders”.

Public Transport in Dubai

Dubai rings a bell when you are looking for an enthralling place to travel. However, it can be very expensive to stay in Dubai especially when you are not so familiar with how you can cut cost while enjoy the city at the same time.One of the things that can eat up your budget is the transportation expenses you will incur when you are in Dubai. To cut down on costs, you must get familiar with the different types of transportation in Dubai as you jump from one place to another.
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